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Our Offer


The range of services we provide is tailored to the needs of a customer. We offer comprehensive solutions, for instance selection and purchase of the materials.


Loose, granulated, powdered products, e.g. dietary supplements or nutrients in the form of powder, capsules, tablets or jellybeans

  • in bags
  • in sachets
  • in cartons
  • in PET, PE or PP bottles (capsules)
  • in doypacks
  • in tins

Repacking of packaged products of the FMCG industry to promotional kits or any packaging tailored to the needs of a customer like, for instance, the retail stores.

Packaging and labeling of various plastic containers
Foil wrapping
  • Heat-shrink wrapping
  • Polyolefin heat-shrink wrapping
  • Shrink sleeve wrapping

Manual or mechanical

  • Labeling of individual packages/packs or bulk packaging
  • Label printing

Co-packing of promotional, occasional or regular series.

PackagingSee below what we can package